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The Story Thus Far...

A thousand years ago, the last colour in the world faded to grey. Now, after the great archaeological discovery of Queen Sorizahana’s shade-stocked tomb, it stands ready to enter the world again. Ironwell City will become the birthplace of the burgeoning colour industry, where colour is pumped out of factories, poured into perfumed bottles and sold at exorbitant prices to those wealthy enough to afford the luxury.

At least, that’s the plan according to the Five Financiers of the Sorizahana excavation.

One part Prohibition fantasy, one part Robin Hood, and a whole lot of epic heist, Shaderunners follows a group of ragtag bootleggers and bohemians who band together in an effort to steal colour from the wealthy echelons of Ironwell’s high society. Among them: a philosopher, a puppeteer, a gutter rat, an opera singer, a naval officer and a hopeless romantic. Together, they run The Glass Dial, former watch shop and future night club, where all the house drinks run red.

Speak easy, pal, ‘cause the road to ruin is paved with good intentions.

Shaderunners is part of the KNIFEBEETLE webcomic webring!

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About Us

Alex and Lin have worked together for almost a decade, and have been friends even longer.
You can contact their joint email account at

Lin Darrow is a writer from Canada with a PhD in Victorian Literature. She also works as an editor and theatre critic in Toronto, where she splits her time between writing and play-going.

Alex Assan is a queer comic artist and illustrator. He has a degree in Illustration from Glyndwr University and a big dog named Troy. He loves historical fiction, romance, musical theatre and puppetry.