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Guest Page: Toasty II
Posted March 25, 2020 at 3:55 pm

Toasty's page is sleek, elegant, and cuts straight to the symbolism--all things we love! It has the look of a men's advertisement from the 1920s, which nails the tone of the comic perfectly, while also gesturing to the complicated relationships between the men of the comic. How gorgeous are those hands and the shading here? Absolutely killer. T

Be sure to check out Toasty's comic, War in the Shade, which is equal parts fantasy and drama! It follows Ada Felton in the aftermath of accepting a marriage proposal from a stranger, her journey across the desert, and some shady dealings. The art is SO evocative, zeroing in on mood and emotion with sharp, powerful, sparse lines. Toasty also has a Tumblr you can follow!

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