Hiveworks Comics
Posted June 9, 2018 at 3:55 pm
Today's page is an incredible full-cast illustration that draws on the card names that a drunken Satinder christened the Shaderunners with back in Chapter 8! I especially love knightly Pam and Ezra being angry at Easton's chest hair. Feels legit.

Let me tell you all about Eliana's webcomic, Cosmic Fish! Cosmic Fish is a great webcomic about a group of monsters and ghosts who must uncover the mystery of their own existence in the face of both monster hunters and past mistakes! The creature designs in this comic are so much fun, I really urge you to read it!


CAPTAIN IMANI AND THE COSMIC CHASE IS NOW LIVE ON KICKSTARTER! Thank you so, so much to everyone who donated! We are now officially FUNDED, and any additional funds will go to printing more books!

MALAISE is getting down to the wire--please help pass along this amazing project full of POC, LGBTQI and disabled voices so that it can hit its modest goal of 6k. We have less than 2k to go, but really need a last bit of momentum to take us over the finish line in our final days!

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