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Posted June 2, 2018 at 3:56 pm

Thus concludes ACT ONE of Shaderunners! Here’s what it’s going to look like around here for the next two months. First, we’re taking a week’s break. Then we’ll start rolling out guest pages in our regular update slots for the next month, leading up to our THIRD YEAR ANNIVERSARY COMIC! Anything you're hoping to see?

After the anniversary comic, we’re going to take a month’s break to regroup in preparation for Act Two. But there’s some great stuff coming up, so get excited! Act Two begins in August!

We want to thank all of you for sticking with this comic until now. Your comments, responses asks, fanworks, likes and retweets/reblogs have helped us more than we can describe and we're so grateful for every single one. It's been a crazy fun three years, and we have so much more to look forward to!

And now we have lots of other news, so buckle up!


Captain Imani and the Cosmic Chase is a self-contained, erotic, pulpy sci-fi comic that follows space-captain Imani as he explores his relationships with two wildly different partners: his stern first mate, and his wily sworn enemy. It's published online by Slipshine Studio, so you can read the first two chapters (out of three) online right now if you get a Slipshine subscription!

Designed to be read like the ‘behind the scenes’ of an old sci-fi serial, the comic follows the sexy adventures of Captain Shihab Imani, a much-beloved, highly decorated starship captain whose efforts to capture his arch nemesis, the roguish smuggler Silo “Lazerboots” Haze, have consumed much of his career. With the help of his alien lieutenant, Via Auriga, Imani pursues Silo across the galaxy - but theirs is a strange, obsessive chase, motivated as much by frustrated desire and longing as it is justice.  Check us out on kickstarter!!

Meanwhile, MALAISE is at 3602/6000 dollars funded! With seventeen days left, we REALLY need to keep momentum going to make it happen, so please, if you have anyone you think might enjoy this, or if you have money to spare and are interested, consider passing the project along or giving us a look! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS ALREADY RETWEETED OR DONATED <3

Help us hit our $6000 goal by retweeting, reblogging, or letting others know!

Hey folks! Lin here. I wanted to draw your attention to a project I'm involved with that's currently on kickstarter! Malaise is a super exciting horror anthology written entirely by queer, poc, or disabled authors! I've written a story for it called CRY OF THE HUNGER FISH, which is about a lesbian janitor and a deep sea aquarium filled with all sorts of spine-tingling terrors and weirdo fish. It's sort of Lovecraft meets Little Shop of Horrors, and I've been hearing some amazing things about the other stories too! If this project sounds like something you'd enjoy, please take a look and consider donating to help make it happen. If it isn't, but you think you know someone who might dig it, then please please please pass it along to them! Thanks so much, guys!

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