The Shaderunners


Domigo Valdes

Dom is a newcomer to Ironwell, where he works various odd jobs to support himself and his family back home in Tourmalie. His overactive heart means he's kind to a tragic fault, and prone to falling in love with whatever pretty face looks his way.


Ezra Kelly

The apparent leader of the Shaderunners, Ezra cares far too much about everything, and his general tendency towards unsolicited intellectualism is matched only by his endless capacity for guilt.


Pamina Fortenbright

Co-founder and stealth leader of the Shaderunners, Pamina is an accomplished street gambler and puppeteer. She has the soul of a wanderer, but has found herself mired in Ironwell for now.


Easton Lynch

Ezra and Pamina's begruding second-in-command, Easton is sharp and driven, if a bit morally dubious. He's the kind of gutter rat who can't help staring up at the stars, and is all too aware of the injustices of the city.


Ivo Keys

A painfully talented opera singer--even if the world doesn't know it--Ivo has big dreams and a voracious appetite for attention. S/he's got a serious problem with not being the most sparkling thing in the room.


Satinder Hali

Satinder serves as one of the lower rungs in the Autrian military. Her thrill-seeking nature makes it hard for her to follow the rules, and she's more than a little enamoured with Ironwell's dangerous, vice-filled underworld.


 Supporting Cast


Giviny Clairet

One of Dom's sweethearts, Givy is kind and business-minded. Her dream is to own her own cake shop one day, and to provide for her three younger sisters. She and Dom have agreed on a casual, open courtship.


The Lady of the Otrion

The spinster dame of the otrion, the Lady has also been denied a rank in the Paravinian aristocracy. Instead of marrying, she has dedicated her life to arranging marriages for other unranked nobles--one of the few working positions available to those unranked. She thinks of little else in life but matchmaking.



Object of Dom's hopeless affections, Avrain is a wry but frail young man employed at the boarding house for young, unranked Paravinians. He's a bit scatterbrained, and tends to ramble. 


Josephine Ailinet

Lodger at the otrion, Josephine frequently rails against authority and has a hard time accepting her lot in life. To be 'unranked' in the Paravinian line of succession means she has very little in the way of social or financial independance, but Josie is determined to live her life to the fullest.


Maviry Rivet

Another 'unranked' Paravinian noble, Mav longs for stability. While she loves Josie, she's afraid of the social stigma of marrying another 'unranked' noble; a much more suitable spouse is the affluent Lady Cavory of Ironwell, who has shown interest in marrying her.

Fate Starling

A frustrated playwright perpetually in search of a muse. As a pledged member of the Oroline Starling clan, he's been made fairly comfortable in life, and has experienced none of the artistic suffering he claims


Lord Hareton Peacourt 

A name often heard in connection with one Ezra Kelly, though the exact details of their relationship remain a mystery.


 The Financiers


Lady Sybil Cavory

One of the affluent financiers of the original Sorizahana expedition--the very expedition that unearthed the first collection of bottled colour in hundreds of years from an ancient tomb. Regal and mysterious, Lady Cavory's already considerable wealth has been tripled, and she stands as one of the most eligible women in Ironwell City.